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Top spots in Bory Tucholskie

Poland is filled with green areas of well-preserved nature and dense forests.

One of such natural wonders is Bory Tucholskie (Eng. Tuchola Forest) – an undiscovered and one of the largest pine forests that spreads over 4,000 square kilometres over Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Pomorskie regions of Poland. Multitude of breath-taking views, lakes and rivers with see-through water and omnipresent feeling of peace and tranquillity. Use this top travel tip from a Polish travel agency, ITS Poland, when planning your next holidays in Poland.

How to get there

As mentioned in the introduction the Tuchola Forest is still missing from travel itineraries of many international, yet when travelling the north of Poland and since the forest itself is so vast is it usually no more than just an hour away. Regardless whether you are driving from Gdańsk, seaside resort of Ustka or Bydgoszcz by the river Brda there is always a picturesque road that will get you where you are going. Those travelling greater distances may want to use A1 motorway that runs along the eastern part of the forest. Travelling by train is a viable option too. The recommended destination is Chojnice where you can catch one of numerous local buses that operate in the area.

Tuchola Forest

Tuchola Forest

Stunning Forests

Once you are there you will be able to experience the beauty of the local unspoiled nature right at your fingertips. Today, the Tuchola Forest is largely monocultural with pine trees covering as much as 99% of the entire area. However, historically (pre 17th century) pines shared the land with beeches, oaks, hornbeams, aspens and lindens. The exceptional value of the local area is reconfirmed by enlisting the Tuchola Forest in the Nature 2000 programme, one National Park and four landscape parks operating within its borders and numerous nature reserves. Such a rich and well-protected area is a perfect home to countless species of animals. Among them forty-two various butterflies, twenty-eight types of fish, grey herons, capercaillies, white-tailed eagles or red deer.

Lake Charzykowskie

Lake Charzykowskie

Lakes and rivers

The region is filled with crystal clear lakes of all shapes and sizes. Among the most popular are Lake Charzykowskie, Lake Żur and Lake Wdzydze. Each perfect for sailing and other forms of water sports and multiple small restaurants and cafes once back on dry land. The two major rivers that run through the forest, Wda and Brda, offer perfect conditions for kayaking enthusiasts. Both with stretches of various difficulty where you can plan your trip for a few hours or a few days depending on your preferences. Kayaking down the two rivers offers spectacular views as the rivers flow in their natural riverbeds that meander through the woods. Some natural obstacles or fallen trees are part of the fun as well.



Charming towns

Apart from the natural beauty of the region you will find some of the most charming small towns in Poland. Chojnice, Tuchola or Wdzydze Kiszewskie are still fairly large (considering the average town size in the area) and somewhat recognizable among tourist but there are plenty of small towns or villages set by the riverbank, by the lake or deep in the woods with no sight of human presence in the near surroundings. For an experience of a truly small town, you may want to try Tleń, Funka, Wiele or Okoniny Nadjeziorne. Be sure to visit Fojutowo with its famous aqueduct where two rivers cross.

A little helping hand

The Tuchola Forest is an amazing place well worth your visit. It offers solitude among the trees, large open waters, countless camping locations and way more. To plan a perfect holiday or fish for ideas you might consider reaching out to local specialists such as ITS Poland. The Polish travel agency with years of experience in travel planning and with helpful staff is your trusted partner for all the travel destinations in Poland.

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