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PraanTEA – the drink of gods

PraanTEA PraanTEA

Nowadays, tea is one of the most popular drink next to coffee. Both provides an exceptional tasting, though as it is widely known, tea is healthier. One of the reasons is that it has a lower level of caffeine while containing more antioxidants. In order to enjoy drinking tea while benefiting from its positive effects on health, it is advised to consume teas of premium quality. That is why it is worth discover the PraanTEA blends.


Exceptional taste and health enhancing effects are guaranteed

Tea is a truly special drink since depending on the purpose it can freshen or warm you up. It gives a special experience for those drinking it. There are different traditions and special rites associated to tea which varies from country to country. Moreover, regular tea consumption contributes to the daily fluid balance as well. Hungary is not considered the country with the most tea consumers, though this should be changed since this special drink possesses numerous beneficial effects. The positive health effects of tea are proven by many studies, for instance, tea can reduce fatigue and it can improve both mental and physical performance. Trends show that the level of tea consumption increases during autumn and winter, though it would be beneficial to drink tea throughout the year.

Nevertheless, not all teas are good choices. Most of the teas found in shops contain different flavourings and additives. These blends are not favourable neither in relation to taste experience, nor health maintenance. It is recommended to carefully read the packaging and check what are the ingredients. If it is full of aromas and additives, it might be better to put it back and choose a premium product instead. Products like the new concept PraanTEA blends of exceptional quality.

These blends give a unique flavour while having positive effects on health. The ingredients of PraanTEA are gluten free and come from GMO free production. These extraordinary blends are free from additives and aromas. They have positive effects on health, contribute to detoxification and have health enhancing physiological effects. The special blends contain green and black tea, honey and yoghurt powder and microwave dried fruits. Fruits like raspberry, pineapple, peach, mango, strawberry and plum. The unique flavour and health care effects of PraanTEA blends are guaranteed.

PraanTEA blends have been developed with the utmost scientificality

PraanTEA blends contain such added ingredients which optimally compliment the different physiologically beneficial effects of tea. Additionally, since these ingredients are made by unique procedures, the dried fruit elements have a high level of aroma and flavour and the yoghurt and honey powder have strong health enhancing effects. The tea blends have been created with the utmost scientificality, hence their health enhancing effects are high, their taste value is exceptional.

These internationally unique products do not require further flavours since they provide a special experience on their own. Moreover, sugar and other artificial sweeteners would worsen the health enhancing effects of the blends. PraanTEA offers eight different blends which are the following: darjeeling tea with rose-hip honey powder and dried pineapple pieces, darjeeling tea with sea buckthorn berry honey powder and dried mango pieces, darjeeling tea with yoghurt honey powder and dried peach pieces, oolong tea with algae honey powder, oolong tea with yoghurt honey powder and dried raspberry pieces, sencha green tea with algae honey powder, sencha green tea with yoghurt honey powder and dried strawberry pieces, sencha green tea with honey powder and plum pieces. You should try all blends. Thanks to the wide variety, you can easily find your favourite. The special nature of PraanTEA makes drinking tea a true experience.

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