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Intercom systems for secure and comfortable communication

 intercom systems intercom systems

We have been using intercoms for several decades, but they have always been associated with poor sound quality.

Communication using an intercom in many cases was interrupted, and the interference made it much harder to understand the visitor at the door. However, today's technology has vastly improved the capabilities of intercoms. Modern intercoms not only have crystal-clear sound quality, but also allow to see who is standing at the door. Sounds like science fiction? Discover amazing modern intercoms by 2N!

See who is standing in front of your door without moving from your couch!

Modern intercom systems are more than just simple communication equipment. They allow to turn your apartment into a smart home, a place where modern and innovative technology give you full control. Intercom systems by 2N have a built-in HD camera so you can see who's knocking on your door before you talk to them. The camera installed in the intercom has been well hidden so visitors at the door will behave as if they were not observed. This is especially useful if intruders are trying to get in. The camera has a night mode allowing you to observe what is happening outside even at night. In modern intercoms, you choose when you want to receive guests and when you have time for yourself and your family. The "do not disturb" mode helps in protecting your privacy. If the camera detects any movement at night, a warning message will be played. If this does not frighten the intruders and they attempt to enter your home by force, the intercom will take a series of photos that will be sent to your email. In addition, the intercom, which is connected with a home alarm, will call the appropriate services.

2N intercoms will provide you and your family:

• the maximum level of security
• easy communication with visitors at the door
• constant control of what is happening outside your home

The comfort and security of your home

2N intercoms are fully compatible with the 2N handset. The handset can become your home command center, enabling you to control the blinds, lights, remote door opening and floor heating temperature in your home.

Modern technology has never been so convenient and comfortable. Invest in a modern intercom and start living in a smart home!

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