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Benefits of augmented reality in business — top 5

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Top 5 Benefits of Using AR for Your Business

There is an opinion that the limit of augmented reality technologies is computer games.

The reason behind it is the first breakthrough of AR into the every-day life. Although fighter pilots and helicopter gunship operators have been trying on augmented reality helmets since the last century, the public started talking about AR when the game PockemonGo "shot out".

One way or another, but in fact the gaming industry represents no more than 5% of the AR market turnover, and the other 95% is the share of AR in business.

AR in business, why it is important

It is not a secret to anyone that the main task of modern business is not to produce a good or service, but to sell it. Modern market with rare exceptions is oversaturated with offers. In almost any area each product has a lot of competitors that are not inferior to it by objective parameters. Attracting the consumer's attention to the product becomes a priority.

The share of production and technological costs in the price of the goods is decreasing day by day, and the share of marketing costs is increasing. It is the task of marketing specialists to attract the consumer's attention to the product. Modern technology, including AR is the new word in marketing.

It is not for nothing that technologies using elements of augmented reality have been adopted by promotion specialists working for real giants of business, among which we can mention:

  • L'Oréal;

  • Nike;

  • Gucci;

  • Tissot;

  • Adidas;

  • Samsung;

  • IKEA.

These companies are ready to invest many millions of dollars in the development and implementation of augmented reality in their marketing campaigns, due to the undoubted benefits that this technology brings.

Benefits of augmented reality in business

The benefits of augmented reality in business are so numerous that listing them would take up enough time. Therefore, we will focus on just a few of them:

  1. Presence effect. AR technologies help break the "fourth wall" between the user and the picture on the computer monitor or the screen of the gadget. The immersion effect is unparalleled. And if in VR the user is immersed in a virtual world, in AR the virtual world penetrates into the ordinary reality of the user. Moreover, the user can not only observe the virtual objects around him, but also interact with them. This provides incredible opportunities for the demonstration of goods and services.

  2. Focus of attention. A "live" picture (even if only on a smartphone screen) will attract the attention of a potential buyer much better than "sheets" of text and gigabytes of video. The marketing specialist needs only to decide where to focus the attention.

  3. Hidden reserves. Although 90% of information users receive via sight, and another 10% via hearing, tapping into the hidden reserves of the other senses can be a competitive advantage. The customer can not only view the new smartwatch from all sides, but also move his own hand with the watch on it. He can not only see the interior from the inside, but also look around in it by turning his head. No other technology, except AR, will give you these opportunities.

  4. Brand recognition. Due to the eye-catching and wow-effect of AR technology, the brand recognition that involves augmented reality elements in its promotion significantly increases. After all, the main goal of marketing is to increase the visibility of a brand.

  5. No more language barriers. AR is able to replace foreign inscriptions with familiar and clear ones, replace foreign speech with native one, and all this is done in real time. Not only it is possible to instantly translate product labels and web pages, not only to watch video in an unfamiliar language but also to participate in conferences and negotiations with foreign partners without the help of professional interpreters.

The use of augmented reality in business processes should also be mentioned. Virtual, non-existent in physical reality interactive whiteboards, where you can move your hand to switch slides, change the diagrams and draw charts, are still things of the future, but the future is not far off.

AR video editing

AR video editing is one of the ways to take advantage of augmented reality in your business. AR features are usually an addition to the standard toolset offered by editing software. The main features are as follows:

  1. Face filters. These are dynamic animations superimposed on the face of the person in the frame in real time. Taking into account the high mobility of facial muscles, the main problem is related to the binding of the filter to the face image. But modern software, equipped with computing power, successfully solves this problem. In particular, modern software tools can recognize different facial expressions and emotions, dynamically changing the applied filter.

  2. Interior filters. This is the opposite of the facial filters - their work is aimed at changing the environment, leaving the image of a person in the frame unchanged. They can be both static (e.g., a black and white filter) and animated ("acid"). The most advanced interior filters interact with a person in the frame, changing in accordance with his movements.

  3. Beautifiers. This is a kind of face filter, but their effect on the image is not so radical. The best beautifier filters are those ones that the viewer is not even aware of. Modern software is capable of automatically recognizing skin blemishes and removing them in real time on a moving face. Skin matting, lip and hair shine, and iris color changes are also automatically added.

Depending on your desire and needs, it is possible to change the degree of change in the video using the augmented reality tools.

Banuba AR video editor SDK

Banuba AR video editor SDK is a developer toolkit to help brands create their own augmented reality video processing tools, including:

  • filter beautifiers with advanced recognition of eyes, smiles, various emotions and facial expressions;

  • facial masks, including animated ones that dynamically change depending on facial expressions and emotions, the library includes masks of popular characters;

  • dynamic and animated background filters.

Benefits of Banuba video editing tools are the following:

  • an extensive library of ready-made filters and effects;

  • possibility of superimposing augmented reality elements both in real time and at the video post processing stage;

  • work not only with image but with sound as well, including dynamic voice change (helium effect, etc.);

  • soft filters beautifiers, smart face rejuvenation mode (wrinkle removal, teeth whitening, adding healthy shine to hair and eyes);

  • a clear and intuitive interface that helps even inexperienced users quickly understand the operation, guaranteeing a low entry threshold;

  • a competitive price!

Banuba's augmented reality toolkit is an invaluable aid in promoting your product on the market and a sure competitive advantage for your business.

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