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Resume template google docs

Resume template Resume template

It is not a secret that many professionals use templates to create their resumes. If you want to make a beautiful and strong resume, try the wonderful Google Docs samples. By using the service, even a beginner can create a strong CV and get the job of his dreams

So, let's take a look at the advantages of Google Docs templates. - Resume template.

Variety of Templates

The service offers a huge number of ready-to-use samples for presentations, brochures, posters, and many other documents. There you can also find various templates for your CV. All of them have different designs and structures, so everyone can find the perfect google docs resume template. 


Every resume template for google docs was developed by professional recruiters. Therefore, each of the examples has a thoughtful structure with an eye-catching design. Also, if you do not like the visual or text style, you can change everything! Each user can fully edit and customize the file.


You do not have to pay for a free resume template from google docs. The company provides absolutely free access to the whole library of its samples. This cheap option is great for students and people without a stable income. 

Unfortunately, Google Docs templates also have some disadvantages. The main of them is that a lot of people use those free samples. This means that millions of people have the same design and form of their resumes. Also, experienced recruiters have seen Google templates a hundred times, so they understand when candidates create something original or just use an example from the web.

As we can see, Google's service has provided a great opportunity for beginners to create a good CV. Still, it’s hard to call their templates “ideal”. If you already have some experience, it is better to create your personal resume from a scratch or order it from professionals. As you know, the candidate with a personalized CV will easily stand out from the crowd of other competitors.

Common mistakes when writing a resume

When the work is done, we recommend going over the text two or three times carefully, correcting mistakes and editing out bad phrases. Keep in mind that typos in headings, company names, and job titles will especially alert an employer.

It makes no sense to reread the text more than three times in a row. It is better to return to it after some time and then check it again. If you want to show your resume to someone else, choose someone with experience as a recruiter - otherwise you're guaranteed to get a bunch of unnecessary advice.

If you are considering several different positions - for example, "sales manager" and "executive sales manager" - make two different resumes. But keep in mind that on job sites the employer can see the names of other resumes in the applicant's profile, so the positions should be from the same professional field. Or at least one level - an investment analyst who is also a courier, for the employer is not the most interesting candidate.

Remember: every profession has its own peculiarities. If lawyers are expected to have a perfect resume without a single mistake, then, for example, accountants are more important to indicate the specific accounts and the programs they were working with. The differences between the "subcultures" of different professions make it impossible to make a single correct instruction for everyone. We have collected only general advice that applies to all applicants.

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