Monday, 27 June 2022 10:45

How to Choose a Voice Jammer?

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Often, there is a need to provide certain sound protection. The jamming of microphones and voice recorders is a modern technical tool that significantly complicates and makes it impossible for unauthorized information to be removed using special devices for fixing and transmitting sound.

Criteria of Choice

Let's analyze the key selection criteria that you need to consider when buying a voice jammer to ensure information security:

·         Type of interference: ultrasonic or acoustic. In the first case, the device emits an ultrasonic wave that affects the microphone membrane. The disadvantage is the need to direct it towards the supposed place of microphones and voice recorders. In the second case, the device emits sound noises, when nothing is heard in the recording except this noise. A significant advantage is that it directs the rays in all directions. Often, such jammers have the function of blocking not only microphones but also laser data pickup devices.

·         Range. The distance over which ultrasonic or acoustic waves propagate is measured in meters and can vary over a wide range. Some devices provide only a small radius (several meters), and others are active in a radius of tens or even several hundred meters.

·         Control. Modern jammers for voice records provide the possibility of manual adjustment: it will be possible to select the operating mode and power in accordance with the individual situation. If the device is used with different tasks and in different places, you cannot do without such functionality.

·         Frequencies. Suppressed frequency range is a key selection criterion as devices that record audio can perform differently. Often, it is necessary to exclude the cellular network, Wi-Fi, and GPRS.

·         Dimensions and format. If you need a hidden tool, it is logical to pay attention to small-sized devices. A separate subclass is camouflage jammers that can imitate other equipment and do not cause unnecessary suspicion.

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