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2N – a brand of electronic devices known all over the world

2N products 2N products

Today's technology is moving forward very quickly. Over the past quarter of a century, how we communicate with each other has changed drastically thanks to the Internet.

Today, nobody can imagine life without the web, because cyberspace is now a place where we shop, communicate with loved ones, and often work. For this reason, the demand for high-quality electronic devices is constantly growing, which is why 2N products are so popular today.

Where is the 2N brand from and what devices does it manufacture?

2N is today a leading producer of the latest and most innovative electrical devices, but not everyone knows about the roots of this brand. Well, 2N is a company founded by three friends who achieved success thanks to their perseverance. At the beginning of the 1990s, they founded a company that would in the future become a global manufacturer of electronic devices with outstanding quality. 2N was founded in the Czech Republic, which is located in Central and Eastern Europe. Over the years, 2N has been improving its products, trying to constantly follow the latest trends as well as the most innovative ideas. As a result, the products offered by 2N have become a symbol of the highest quality, combined with the latest solutions. Today, 2N offers products that can be divided into 7 different categories:

1. Intercoms – i.e. all modern intercoms, as well as video intercoms.

2. IP Access control – devices enabling effective access control.

3. Answering units – modern and innovative answering units allow intuitive connection and control of all modern devices, such as intercoms from 2N.

4. My2N Cloud Service – software for accurately calibrating 2N devices.
5. IP Audio – all devices related to sound,

6. Elevator System – safe and certified devices for elevators.

7. Telecommunications – devices that allow high-quality communication.

Why is it worth choosing 2N products?

2N products stand out due to their quality and many years of experience of the 2N brand. As a result, 2N has become synonymous with excellent products that are offered at attractive prices. If you are looking for the latest devices for your company or home, then be sure to choose 2N!

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