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Why has art deco conquered pop culture?

art deco style armchair art deco style armchair Sygnard

TV series and movies referring to the period between World War I and World War II are conquering the hearts of viewers and gaining millions of fans all over the world.

These shows strive to bring the most important events of the period closer to the viewer through perfectly recreated architecture and authentic-looking interiors. The art deco style has become synonymous with the 1920s and 1930s, so along with the popularity of TV series and movies, it is also beginning to return to the living rooms. Why is this happening?

Peaky Blinders and The Great Gatsby reasons for the popularity of art deco

Series and films were set in the interwar period had the greatest influence on the return of popularity of the style. The Great Gatsby and Peaky Blinders are perfect examples of how contemporary pop culture can promote fashion from ten decades ago. Art deco present in contemporary pop culture is a mirror reflection of the style, which was present in European and American homes between 1920 and 1939. That is why all accessories and elements of interior design in the art deco style are very popular nowadays.

Why do art deco accessories go so well with contemporary interior design styles?

Nowadays, styles based on elegance, aesthetics and distinctive character are clearly dominating in interior design. Such styles as modern, loft, and industrial are perfectly combined with accessories in the art deco style, which is distinguished by elegance, geometric patterns, as well as white, black and gold. An art deco style armchair is one of those accessories, which perfectly fit into modern interiors, while maintaining a unique look. Art deco accessories are a perfect example of how the 100 years old style can be very attractive and delight with its unique appeal.

Where to look for art deco accessories

If you are looking for art deco accessories, you should know that there are plenty of cheap fakes online. Such fakes are characterized by very low quality and poor workmanship, which can be easily noticed. Therefore, when it comes to accessories in art deco style it is worth choosing proven and reputable manufacturers. One of them is undoubtedly the Sygnard brand, which specializes in the production of art deco furniture and accessories.

Sygnard products are distinguished by excellent quality and great design, which is why this brand is becoming more and more popular every year just like the art deco style. 


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