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Hinges 90 degrees

cabinet hinges 90 degree cabinet hinges 90 degree

The long-awaited renovation has finally come? Or maybe you've just become the owner of a new house or apartment? No matter what you plan, installing furniture in your home will be easy with Furnica!

Furniture hinges are an inseparable element of furniture systems, and we offer you a wide selection of hinges that fit both ready-made furniture and those designed by you. 90 degree hinges will make opening cabinet doors smooth and quiet, and most importantly effortless.

Endless possibilities

It's hard to choose any room without a spacious wardrobe, decorative cabinets, a sideboard ... The basis for their comfortable use are the furniture hinges! Made of high-quality nickel coated steel, they are an inseparable element of your home's equipment Our 90 degrees hinges allow you to match the degree of opening of the cabinet door to your spaces. The advantage of this type of hinges is definitely the possibility of free opening the door to a large width and looking inside the furniture. Thanks to this, you can install Furnica 90 degrees hinges in any room in your home in kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes, bathroom cabinets or even storage units in your garage. Possibilities are endless!

Installation? No problem!

You don't need to be a professional to install our Furnica 90 Degree Hinges. Thanks to the high quality of components, they are extremely durable and their assembly is child's play! You are able to do it all by yourself in just a few minutes. When installing the hinges, the user manual will help you with which you will realize that installing Furnica furniture accessories is really for everyone.

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