Wednesday, 26 January 2022 10:22

Best Energy Efficient Windows and Doors Companies in Whitby, Ontario

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Looking for high quality windows and doors at Whitby? One of the main criteria for selecting such products is their energy efficiency. The installation of  energy-efficient doors and windows will save money and make you feel much more comfortable.

Read in our material how to determine if the product you choose is energy saving.

How to Know if a Window or Door Is Energy Efficient?

Modern energy-saving windows and doors must meet the ENERGY STAR standard. The energy saving criteria are based on the characteristics of the door design, the number of windows and the level of glazing. 

  • Vinyl products provide excellent thermal insulation.  Inside the sections can be hollow or filled with foam.
  • Steel does not require special care. Thermal breaks are included in the design of such frames to exclude heat loss.
  • Wooden frames are often lined with vinyl or aluminium to reduce maintenance costs.

We also recommend that you pay attention to the NFRC rating:

  • The U-factor indicates the insulation capability. The lower this factor, the better such designs preserve heat.
  • SHGC - By this index you can learn how much heat from the sun can pass through window structures or through a door window. The lower the figure, the less heat will enter the dwelling.

How to Find the Best Energy Efficient Windows and Doors Company in Whitby?

Installation of energy-saving windows and doors is an excellent solution that will help you to get rid of draughts and dampness, keep comfortable temperature all year round, as well as reduce heating costs.

In order not to spend a lot of time looking for a proper contractor, we recommend using the services of Canadian brand Vinyl Light.

This company has been making Canadian homes the most stylish, modern and comfortable for more than 14 years!

  • Their products meet the ENERGY STAR standard.
  • Double, triple or even quadruple glazing is used in windows.
  • The doors are well-sealed.
  • Insulated flaps and frames.
  • Triple compression lock system - no more draughts!
  • The spacer bars have low conductivity or come with warm edges.

Choosing Vinyl Light you can be sure that you will find the best windows and doors at Whitby!