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Reimplantation – a way to treat teeth injuries

Reimplantation Reimplantation

Teeth injuries are a serious problem that many people experience. Athletes actively practising sports, especially contact sports, are especially at risk. However, accidents in which a tooth can be knocked out can happen to virtually anyone, even during seemingly innocent fun with your kids. Is there any remedy for this? One of the latest developments in the field of cosmetic dentistry, which ensures a beautiful smile, is tooth reimplantation.

It It is a procedure that allows you to preserve the natural tooth and, compared with other dental procedures, it is relatively simple.

Reimplantation involves inserting a knocked-out tooth back into the tooth socket. This treatment is usually recommended when the whole tooth is unharmed. The root can then easily reconnect with the jaw bone. Reimplantation is typically performed in cases of mechanical injury of the tooth, that is, when it is knocked out. However, sometimes the dentist chooses intentional reimplantation of the tooth that is undergoing root canal therapy. The reason for intentional reimplantation the tooth in this case is the failure of root canal therapy and the formation of an abscess, which can threaten your health.

Time is a very important factor if reimplantation is to be carried out after the tooth has been knocked out. Specialists conducting this type of treatment indicate that the best results are achieved when the tooth is inserted into the socket approximately 30-60 minutes after it was knocked out. If the tooth fell out completely, lift it up by the crown - do not under any circumstances touch the root of the tooth, as this may cause the nerve cells to die. The tooth must not be wiped. It is best to put it into a container with clean water. You cannot allow the tooth to dry, as this will cause it to decay. Reimplantation is mostly done in children as this gives the best results. Usually, the reimplanted tooth reconnects to the jaw bone in 3-4 weeks after surgery. However, in some cases, it may take up to 8-9 weeks.

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