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Potential Impact HTML5 on SEO

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Are you wondering what impact HTML5 has on SEO? In this article, we will tell you what is important and what changes you should to introduce to have not only good looking website, but also a satisfactory position in Google.

What is the difference between HTML5 and HTML4?

At the beginning we should say that HTML5 is significantly similar to HTML4 and you don’t have too much to learn. The main difference is based on many new tags and codes, which will helps in further optimization of the website for the search engine. Page segmentation is on of the main features of HTML5 and it requires a clear website definition. HTML5 feature tags related to navigation, section, header, footer and article. The specialist from Cut2Code told us about it and gave the recommendations below. Read on and you'll find out everything.

Navigation tag

One of the biggest changes in website since last 4 years is changing the way of display websites navigation. Navigation in the form of links leading to the main pages of the website makes it easier to navigate not only for search engines but also for visitors. In navigation changing very important thing was a move away from picture-based navigation and replacing it by text or images with <h1> or <h2> tags. The <nav> tag let you experiment with place and way of displaying it and you should not be worry about difficulty with label links as navigation. 

Section tag

You can easily identify all of section on the website by using <section> tag. Each section can has a main content area and a header tag. It helps search engines spot the sections and theirs meaning. 

Header tag

You probably heard about <head> tag and you should remember that <header> tag is not the same. <Header> tag is more like <h1> and <h2> and the difference is about the numbers of codes, because it can contain elements such H1, H2 tags, links and paragraphs of text in opposite to <h1> and <head> tag.

Footer tag

<Footer> tag, connect like header tag, allows to add other elements and define the footer of a website. Now we can see in footer much more informations like links, logos, contact details and paragraphs of SEO text. It helps the visitors with easy access to important informations.

Article tag

Most of SEO specialist know how much important is blog section on a website. With new <article> tag you allow for search engines to easy find where blog articles are located. In this tag content is weighed more heavily than normal text without it. Thanks to that your blog pages have bigger chance to be indexed higher than website and pages with normal, static text like about us and who we are page. 

Other tags

HTML5 has more tags, for example <video>, <audio>, <dialogue> which allow with label different areas on the website. It is important for search engine, because it help with value content area. As you can see HTML5 changed for SEO only a little and it is a good change.

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