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What Hair Brush to Use to Prevent Breakage?

Janeke Janeke

Welcome an absolute bestseller of Amazon 2021 - Janeke brush, a real must have for hair. This comb untangles delicately and prevents hair damage, so your locks will always look neat and healthy.

5 Reasons to Choose Janeke Hair Brush to Prevent Breakage

Janeke is an Italian brand that has been creating products for beautiful and healthy hair for about 200 years. Today the company is a mix of innovations and traditional solutions that help you take the best care of your hair.

  1. Fits for all

This comb works well with any hair structure: straight, wavy or curly. It delicately brushes wet hair, which is particularly important for curly locks that are usually brushed wet.

And this comb is often acquired for hair extensions: it allows to style them without pulling bonds, tapes or messing up weft.

  1. Healthy hair

If you used to notice brittle hair tips, excessive hair damage and loss, now you can forget about it. This comb takes care of your hair!

  1. Say “No” to static electricity

This comb is made of hypoallergenic carbon fibre, which removes static electricity. As a rule, hair is more electrified during the cold season when we wear hats, scarves and warm clothes. 

As a result the strands can become thin and brittle. Janeke brush solves this problem, so they will always be in perfect condition.

  1. No more tangles

Now you can really enjoy the styling process. The brush gently and painlessly untangles hair.

  1. A real assistant in hair care
  • First, the comb gently massages the scalp, which stimulates hair growth.
  • Second, because of its special shape, it makes the drying process even safer by minimizing the risk of hair damage.
  • And third, with this comb you can distribute hair mask, conditioner and other care products as easily as possible.

Would you like to buy Janeke brushes in Canada or the USA? We recommend you to visit the online store I Love Slavic Hair https://iloveslavichair.com/. Here you will find 100% original production for those who want to protect their strands from excessive damage.

Besides, on the brand website you will find many other accessories for hair care, and in the blog there are many useful tips on how to make your hair the most beautiful!

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