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Fashion hairstyles for spring/summer 2021? Check out the hottest trends!

Human hair wigs Human hair wigs

In 2021, the focus is on comfort and naturalness. The most fashionable hairstyles are those, which take no time at all to create and are casually styled. What are some of the tricks, which you can use to create the cool new hair style in just a few minutes?

Styling may help you to hide imperfections in your haircut or the lack of shine. Healthy and shiny hair strands make an impression regardless of how they are styled. Human hair wigs can help you to have fashion hairstyles. Here you can check online hair extensions courses

If you want to take the best possible care of your hair, you should scrub your scalp once a week. This will thoroughly cleanse the scalp of oil and remove cosmetic residues.  Massaging the scalp will also improve the circulation, which may strengthen the hair roots and as a result reduce hair loss. 

Hair care should be chosen according to your hair's porosity," says hair stylist Piotr Sierpinski. If your hair is highly porous, which means it is probably dry, you should use cosmetics which moisturize and regenerate it intensively as they fill the gaps in the hair structure.  It is best to use gentle, natural products to care for this type of hair.

If you use a flat iron or curling iron, protect your hair strands with heat protectant. Use extra-gloss products to enhance the appearance of your hair. 

The Most Fashionable Hairstyles for 2021

The Pixie 

The basis for this haircut is the layered look, which was a hit in the 1960s. The hairstyle is characterised by short sides and back and a slightly longer front, often in the form of a fringe," says hair stylist Piotr Sierpiński. The pixie hairstyle is popular with celebrities. Celebrities such as Charlize Theron and Miley Cyrus are among the most popular for this style. The pixie hairstyle exposes the face like many other short haircuts. It is best suited for women with regular features. The shape of your face is less important for you. A pixie cut can look as appealing on round faces as on curvy ones. Our expert particularly recommends this haircut for mature women because the pixie gives a youthful appearance. A bonus: The style is easy to style and does not take much time at all. - Simply comb the fringe upwards, sweep it to the side or gently curl it," says Piotr Sierpiński.

Smooth Parting Hairstyles

To style your open hair in a trendy way, all you need to do is create a parting. Whether you create it in the middle or on the side, the line should be clear and straight. Models for the spring collections of Isabel Marant and Hugo Boss showed models with parted hair behind their ears. This simple highlighting trick is ideal for medium-long hair. Hairstyles, which create the effect of neatly tidied but not over styled hair, are a perfect match for formal outfits.

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