Thursday, 20 January 2022 14:11

Start Your Remodelling or Construction Project with CoreLine

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Your Vision is Our Passion!

Knowledge is not only cumulative, it grows exponentially  

At CoreLine we provide designing and construction services for your dream projects. 

We take pride in bringing specialist knowledge and fresh thinking to create the best solutions for you on a different range of projects. Together with our experienced team, we will make sure to plan and manage the project according to your needs and integrate all your personal choices into it, from ground all the way up. 

We believe our success comes from our desire and focus to bring a professional and excellent service to all our customers. The feedback from our clients has only given us motivation to grow and to keep making dreams come true, from the smallest to the most complex projects.

Our aim is to constantly innovate and deliver successful projects in order to stay at the forefront of the construction environment from our area.

No challenge is too great or too small for us!

We currently provide services in construction, infrastructure and groundwork within Surrey County and mainly the cities of Godalming, Guildford and Cobham, but with projects expanding to the West, South West and the South of England. 

The map below roughly indicates our normal working area.

How We Work

During the last few years of our development we have cared for your vision and your needs. Whether that means tearing up your house and bringing it back together in a new shape, reinventing your property, consolidating your already existing house structure or making the best of those available parcels that you have, our team will make sure to deliver a successful project. 

Down below are some of the services we offer:

General Construction

Are you a remote worker? Are you spending more time at home than outdoors in the last couple of years? Is your house your home, your office, the kindergarten and a gathering place, all in one? Or are you just tired of the same surroundings and want a change? 

Our style and preferences are changing as we grow and evolve, and the pandemic has truly changed the way we live and the way we work. We get to spend half of our time or even more at home lately, so we should make it the most comfortable place for relaxing, spending time with our loved ones and working as well. 

If you want a change and some renovation, we are the ones to call!

Hard and Soft Landscaping

It’s a new era we live in and with all the restrictions and lockdowns we’ve been going through, we find ourselves trying to spend more and more time in the nature, breathe more fresh air and take advantage of our surroundings. 

Have you ever looked at than ruin of a building on your property and thought ‘Oh I’d love some greenery in here?’ Were you lacking the courage or the energy to finally get rid of it? 

If you have a parcel where you envision more green space and where you can enjoy more quality time outdoors, then we are here to help you do so by transforming that space into the perfect spot for relaxation, practicing sports or meeting place with your family and friends.

Contact our team of contractors today!


‘You can’ build a great building on a weak foundation.’  Gordon B. Hinckley 

Did you start working on your dream house and need consolidation for your basement construction? You have arrived in the perfect spot! 

A strong foundation is a must in everything we do in life. Your house should benefit of the same. We will do everything that’s necessary to develop a strong foundation for your new building or to renovate what’s old.