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Hard armor plates – the best kind of bullet protection

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The development of firearms as a natural consequence has led to the development of newer and newer methods of protection against rounds.

Today's tactical vests are very effective in protecting their users from being shot in the chest, where the most important vital organs are located. The bulletproof vests we knew from the turn of the last few decades have been replaced with high-class tactical vests, which not only provide protection, but also offer great possibilities when it comes to functionality. What are hard armor plates and why are they so important in tactical vests?

Perfect protection in combination with low weight

If we look at the history of military equipment, a certain relationship is clearly visible – as weapons were improved, protection against them was also modernized. This race has been continuing to this day as increasingly advanced methods of projectile protection are developed. Today, everyone who works in security, the army, or the police, knows what tactical vests are. This type of vest combines effective protection against rounds with mobility and functionality. Ace Link tactical vests are particularly popular because they are reliable, both in professional life and on the battlefield. The main protection in Ace Link Skeletec vests are hard armor plates. These are innovative and modern products that are able to very carefully protect their owner, but at the same time they are also distinguished by a very low weight – around 1-5 lbs. Why are they so lightweight? The secret to their effective protection and low weight is the filling of hard armor plates. They consist of hundreds of layers of Polyethylene, which effectively stops rounds of various caliber.

What are the differences between the different types of armor plates?

There are several types of hard armor plates that protect against rounds of different calibers, depending on the thickness of the plate itself. For example, swimmers cut body armor is distinguished by a smaller protective surface (only a dozen or so percent), however, it gives much more freedom of movement and, as the name suggests, is suitable for swimming. Another example of the same hard armor plates is rifle plates which protect the user against rifle rounds with a diameter of up to 7.62x51 M80 and have a larger surface area than the previously mentioned swimmers cut version. The panels are put on both the front and the back of the Skeletec tactical vest, which is why the whole vest is so light and easy to move around. Thanks to this, it is chosen both by professional soldiers, policemen, security guards, as well as enthusiasts of military equipment.

Tactical vests are the best protection today, and in addition they ensure mobility and functionality, which is why Skeletec vests from Ace Link are so popular today!

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