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What better masks or visors

face masks – Staples face masks – Staples

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the way we function each day. The risk of infection has become so widespread that the use of protective measures is absolutely necessary today.

The whole world under lockdown for a few months, and those who did not have the possibility of working remotely began to protect themselves in all possible ways. The most popular means of protection against COVID-19 today are protective masks and visors. What is better – masks or visors?

Effective protection against viruse

In counteracting a pandemic, it is best to maintain all sanitary norms that eliminate the risk of transmission of the virus. In most cases, the coronavirus is transmitted by droplets, which means that if you are in the vicinity of an infected person, you can become infected by inhaling the air that this person is exhaling. It is estimated that one infected person can infect several more. If safety rules are not followed, this may have tragic consequences. That is why covering the mouth and nose is so important. Not only do we not minimize the risk of infection, but we also do not infect other people. If these standards are not observed, then a rapid avalanche of infections occurs, which can be extremely dangerous for the entire health care system, because it can quickly be overloaded with patients in need of intensive therapy. Today, masks and visors are the most effective ways to stay safe. Many people wonder – should I wear a visor or a mask? In principle, there is no clear answer to this question, because both masks and visors have their pros and cons. Masks offer good protection, however, breathing through them is quite problematic and difficult. Visors are more comfortable and it is easier to breathe when wearing them. However, they protect to a lesser extent than masks, because they do not stop air flowing in from underneath. Therefore, there is no definite answer to the question of whether masks or visors are better.

What to consider when choosing a mask or a visor

The first and most important factor that should be taken into account when choosing the right mask or helmet is whether they have all the necessary certificates. Remember that only approved masks and visors effectively protect against the coronavirus. If you are looking for face masks – Staples is the perfect place where you will find a wide selection of masks and visors.

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