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Art deco furniture - a distinguished look and timeless durability

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Art deco style has become increasingly popular in recent times. This is due to many different factors, because trends appear in cycles.

This style had its heyday between the First and Second World War. Today art deco has a contemporary twist, however, the core of this style has remained exactly the same as it was over 100 years ago. So what are the characteristics of art deco furniture and why does it blend so well with contemporary interior design styles?

Geometric ornaments, high quality and black, white and gold

Productions such as The Great Gatsby or Peaky Blinders, a phenomenal series about a family of gangsters from Great Britain, certainly contributed to the popularity of the art deco style today. Art deco is clearly present in these productions, therefore on the wave of popularity of films and TV series, this style has permanently entered the mainstream.

The main features of art deco are geometric ornaments, very high quality of materials and black, white, brown and gold colors. Art deco furniture is distinguished by its appearance, which brings to mind the interior decoration of the upper classes. Art deco is supposed to be a distinction of high quality and good taste, that is why this trend is visible in more and more places.

Where to find quality art deco furniture

Art deco furniture, in addition to original design, must also be distinguished by very high quality of workmanship. This is the philosophy of this style, that is why buying cheap art deco furniture of very low quality is basically pointless. For this reason, it is advisable to search for such manufacturers, who produce art deco furniture of the highest quality. An excellent example is Sygnard, whose art deco furniture pieces are real works of art.

Premium quality materials, original and distinctive designs, and a wide range of the furniture on offer makes this company one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of art deco furniture. Elite furnishing from Sygnard is a perfect example of how the art deco style is a firm favourite in interior design today. This style blends well with contemporary interior design styles such as Scandinavian, modern, and loft styles. That is why art deco furniture is currently very popular.  If you are looking for such furniture, check out the product range of Sygnard.