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Is It Still Worth Studying Design? 6 Career Options

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Not many people realize that without design there would be nothing around us. Studying design is a great way to impact the way the world looks. Is it worth choosing this direction? What are the career options? Keep reading to learn more about applying for design studies.

Studying design - what does it mean?

Have you ever thought about what studying design actually means? In a nutshell, it’s about using various processes to bring certain ideas to life. Design aims to improve user experience, it helps to develop new business concepts, and makes living more enjoyable. 

Studying design will show you how to communicate without words, using only concepts, visions, and ideas. 

6 career options after studying design

Studying design means that you can gain expertise in various fields such as user interface design, graphic design, fashion design, architectural design, marketing, sound design, or industrial design. The possibilities are endless. 

This is why studying design is ideal for everyone who wants to have a real impact on user experience and functionalities of developed projects. The most popular design-related career paths include:

  • Architects - they are responsible for project planning. They use models, graphics, and drawings to design constructions and to prepare visually appealing and functional projects.
  • Graphic designers - they specialize in creating design visual media used for advertising, marketing, and many others.
  • UX and UI designers - their role is to create software that is functional, transparent, and user-friendly. Most often, they deal with interfaces, games, websites, and applications. They strive to make them more functional to increase users’ satisfaction.
  • Fashion designers - they specialize in preparing projects of new clothes and accessories like bags, and jewelry. They cooperate with manufacturers and are responsible for visualizing their concepts.
  • Editors - they fine tune films and edit raw materials to create impressive finished products.
  • Game designers - they are responsible for creating gaming environments, captivating characters, gameplays, and models. If you want to pursue this career path, you need to be well-versed both in programming and UX. 

The takeaway

As you can see, studying design can open you the door to fascinating jobs. If you are a creative soul that loves to bring new visions to life, this might be a direction you should follow. Although studying design can be demanding as it combines many elements including UX, UI, architecture, and programming, it can be a great adventure.

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