Friday, 17 December 2021 16:47

In a career first that breaks career barriers, a Canadian woman is believed to have become the world's first transgender women's division champion in boxing

Jenna Talackova Jenna Talackova pixabay

Jenna Talackova made an impressive debut as a professional boxer on Saturday with a three-round unanimous decision win over Annalisa Bucci of Italy, in which both fighters agreed after the match was over to set aside any differences they may have felt during training camp in favour of enjoying their "amazing" experience in Mexico City.

 alackova started her transition from male to female four years ago when she was 23 years old, but had long harboured dreams of becoming involved in sports when she still identified herself as male. After coming out -- and completing gender reassignment surgery -- she began boxing 18 months ago as a way to stay in shape and felt that the sport would be a perfect fit for her given her determination, athleticism and "aggressive" nature.

Talackova's promoter, Canadian Alex Bittle, says Talackova's ongoing training has prepared her well for the working world of professional boxing.

Bittle also believes that Talackova will make history again by becoming the first transgender boxer to win a pro fight.

In an interview with ABC News from New York City where Talackova was scheduled to appear on Good Morning America, Talackova said she learned after arriving at the airport in Mexico City about two weeks ago that she wouldn't be allowed to compete because of issueswith her sexual reassignment paperwork.