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Professional help for your pet

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There is no doubt that, as humans, we have led to a situation where we must take responsibility for the welfare of all animals, both domestic and free-living. Their quality of life and health depends on us. We know how important and sometimes difficult it is to provide the proper care for our loved ones.

Along with the growing interest in the world of fauna, the market of services to help us take care of them is growing because we are looking for the most comprehensive and professional help. We expect our pets to be treated with the same care and the latest medical technology as humans. Fortunately, we now have many options to ensure our people live healthy and happy life.



Primary care

As for humans having a health problem with an animal, we can also use the immediate help of a veterinarian. Both domestic and wild animals that have been injured, e.g., due to an accident, go there. We have several types of institutions that will provide us with the required assistance:

  • veterinary clinic - a place with a waiting room where a veterinarian will assist with a treatment room,-veterinary hospital - a place of round-the-clock care and treatment, equipped with operating rooms and diagnostic devices, cooperates with various doctors with a full-service veterinary practice-
  • laboratory veterinarians - provide only laboratory services


If you are a dog or cat guardian, you can also find help in the field of your pet's behaviour. A behaviourist is a person who has completed a course or higher studies in animal performance models and recognizes the mechanisms responsible for their actions. With such a specialist, you can consult all problems related to relationships and expressing needs and emotions. The behaviourist will help you understand how the animals react to several situations.

Pet hotels

All animal carers must have had situations that required finding a place to store their ward for the duration of the trip. Pet hotels that take care of pets during the owner's absence come to the rescue in such emergencies. They provide the right exercise, safety, and suitable sleeping conditions. Such solutions are becoming more and more popular.

Pet sitter

We can also count on help when we cannot provide companionship for animals during the day. A pet sitter is a person we can commission daily walks with our dog or other activities related to caring for it. The person we choose takes his favourite harness, e.g. from the BB Republic line, and provides the correct dose of movement.

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