Tuesday, 17 May 2022 14:52

Art Deco accessories – decorate your bedroom in the style of The Great Gatsby!

Art Deco vase Art Deco vase Sygnard

The movie "The Great Gatsby" has gained many devoted fans all over the world.

This is due to many different factors, however, one of the most prominent is of course the Art Deco style, which dominates during the whole movie. This style has been known since the 1920s, so its return to the mainstream was a surprise. So what are the characteristics of Art Deco and what is the best way to choose Art Deco accessories for your bedroom?

Gold, black, white, harmony and elegance

Art Deco has been making a return in Europe and America for over two decades. The very name of this style suggests that it was to be based on art and decoration. For this reason, this style began to spread all over elegant and distinguished places. Art Deco is associated with wealth for a reason, as its basic intention was to be a reflection of beauty and elegance, characterized by the highest possible quality.

Contemporary Art Deco has entered a whole new level, as it draws mostly from its predecessor, however it also adds a modern touch, thanks to which this refreshed style of the 1920s, even 100 years later, is able to arouse great interest. The Great Gatsby film introduced Art Deco to Hollywood and to our living rooms. Thanks to this, this style began to spread very quickly, gaining great recognition.

What are Art Deco accessories and how do they look like?

Art Deco accessories are a perfect complement to interiors decorated in this popular style. Such additions usually include all kinds of sculptures, statues, busts and other decorations, which can decorate stylish furniture. However, all such accessories must be minimalistic. A great example of this is the Art Deco vase by Sygnard. This vase has a beautiful design and is made of high-quality materials.

The golden elements emphasize the splendor of Art Deco, while the asymmetrical form highlights a very clear reference to the style. This vase is available in the official online store of the manufacturer. Due to its very high quality, the vase does not belong to the cheapest accessories. Nevertheless, its unique look and highest quality make it perfect for an Art Deco styled room.